Thursday, October 21, 2010


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Good Morning.
I am attempting to do something that I don't feel able to do, but I hope that with the help of Margaret my first cousin and others of our family we will make it. She is the one who gave me the picture. it is of course my grandfathers homestead built in the early 1900's on a guess of at least 400 acres. I will not be able to do this all in one day, as I have many interesting stories from my earliest days. So please bear with me and I will do my best to keep you smiling. As I glance over the picture just now I do see a few people that I remember very well. It is wonderful what the young mind keeps for over 90 years, but I am sure that some of it will be funny and interesting.
I may not get very much in here this morning but one little thing that sticks in my mind from a child is my Grand Dad was a farmer he produced mostly wheat, and in the fall when he was threshing his wheat he would let us children move the straw away, at the end of the day he would hand each of us a shiny half of a dollar and we would run home as fast as we could and give it to our mother, we thought that we had done something great.
Dad wants to recommend these two things below, they are things that we should never forget.

"Time is so precious- do not waste it".
" Begin the day with God."
I am going to have a cup of Sumatra x bold coffee right here and then go see Sara, Misty and Oreo at Sara's Dog Training blog Thank you Sara, you do take the best care or Misty and Oreo. DAD
I hope that you can have patience with old Dad today remember he is not used to this kind of writing, but I will tell you that some funny things and a discussion of the picture will be here in the morning. And another thing I am not satisfied with the beginning of this journal, it is a little confusing, when someone comes in who knows what to do I hope to make it a little easier to get on the journal. DAD
Shooting My Universe . Please look at this today.
I am going to stop for a short rest and maybe another cup of coffee. But I am not done for the day, as new thoughts come to me I will get them on this journal, remember I am on the job all day.
" Love everybody, even your enemies"
I will be seeing you all through the day today.
I have been thinking today of so many good things that happened to me when I was young, I will give you this and then I will have more tomorrow. Our Grandmother was so sweet she loved children and all children loved Grandma, she kept a large bowl of Molasses's Cookies in a bowl that we could reach and we knew that we were welcome. They were so good I can taste them now.
And one more, in the picture you can see that the house is a two story house. I spent many nights with them and I slept upstairs by myself, it was cold but my grandmother almost smothered me with big feather beds that she had made herself. She had a flock of geese and if was fun for me watching her pluck the feathers. Oh what sweet memories from 90 years ago.


Becky said...

Dad! I am so excited! I love it so much when you tell stories about your early days. I hope you continue to share pictures and stories for many days to come!

I am going to imagine us sitting at your kitchen table, drinking coffee, looking at photos, and you telling me stories from your childhood. What fun.

Sara said...

What an amazing photo, with an amazing story to go with it! Thanks so much for sharing it with us this morning. A treat for all of us!

Now, I'm off to give Oreo & Misty some treats....

Tennessee Granddaddy said...

The picture of your grandparents' house looks great. Is the house still standing?

I'm going fishing today. I hope you have a great day!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Memories like yours are a blessing. Isn't funny how there are some things we just never forget. I hope your Thursday is a great one there, we have rain here. Lots to do inside though so for me to be indoors is a good thing today.

Kelly said...

Oh I think it is a wonderful way to start off the top of the page! I am going right now to read about it all. Thank you for starting up some stories, this is what I love. Straight from you, that lived it, not out of some history book. :) Hope you are staying warm, its a bit chilly this morning! Love, Kelly

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

What a wonderful idea you came up with to keep us all coming by and to keep you busy during this slow tomato growing time of year. Your grandfather knew how to keep young ones happy and get help with the work at the same time. I am guessing you are the young boy kneeling on the far left of all the children. I too want to know if the house is still standing.

How about Shooting My Universe posting a photo of a farmhouse today!

My daughter in NJ lives amongst many houses built in the 1950-60, close together on what I believe was the farm land that surrounded my daughter's house, built in 1903, one of the oldest homes in her town. Wonder now if Rutgers Tomatoes were grown in her backyard!

See what you have started. We all look forward to more stories and maybe even a few tales that you never told Mother about.

Enjoy the is off to a wonderful start.

...Sara's Mom

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince!:

What an amazing photo and yes, the mind is like a computer, only a lot more sophisticated and it can store much more. I'm interested to know all about this photo and whether the house is still standing, too -- you have a huge global audience eagerly awaiting each installment of the story now, Dad! ;) We say that we stand on our ancestors' shoulders, and our roots are what make the tree strong. So always we must love and honor and respect our elders and our ancestors.

Love from Jamaka and fams, with special PURRS to the Prince Charming >^^<

Ally Lifewithally said...

Dear Dad I am looking forward to reading all you have to tell us about your early days ~ isn't it wonderful how you remember so far back ~ Memories are precious and I will be very happy to share yours ~ Ally x

Anonymous said...

Dear DAD,
Your bloggers have spoken! The old photos and the stories to go with them delight us. We want more. Jamaka had some wonderful thoughts to share with us. Your ancestors are proud of you and encouraging you to speak out. Where are all the old feather beds? Our Mother had a smaller feather bed made from her Mother's. Years later she made two pillows each for her three daughters. When I saw Steve's photo today, I thought how wonderful. It is much like DAD's father's house but in another season.
Aloha....Sara's aunt

Becky said...

That is the kind of grandma I want to be-- the kind with a bowl full of cookies always ready!

Those feather beds sure seem nice. Did you get scared sleeping upstairs all by yourself?

Sometimes I think the quality of life must have been a lot better when people grew their own food and made their own things. And I often think how lovely it must have been before all the freeways... more peaceful... fresher air.

Carlene Noggle said...

Oh Dad, I cant wait to hear your memories!!!!