Saturday, August 27, 2011


" Put your Trust in God today,and lead a peaceful life."

Good Morning.

The week is past and I am glad, so much has happened this past week that has not been pleasant, such as tornados and earthquakes, in all of my almost 98 years I have not experienced either one.So it will be hard for me know just what you have been through, but I do care.

So, God Made A Farmer..."
Paul Harvey says it well - thought you'd enjoy this...
ttp:// ;

I would like to know how all my friends are feeling this morning, I hope that you are up and ready to face the conflict, I do feel good this morning, a good sleep and now sipping on a cup of that Starbucks Sumatra x bold coffee, and I am in a happy mood, and Prince is sitting by my side, what more should I expect.

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  • Need some smiles, turn on your speakers, click on This Dog (below) and enjoy...

    This dog knows how to have fun!!

    Sara I would like to see our Oreo on these water skies, he would out do those dogs so much. I love Oreo and Chewy is growing on me, he reminds me so much of my last dog Scottie

    Saturday is a day that Mary and I like, it makes us think of a little time of rest relaxing and being prepared for the week ahead. I was reading the 51st psalm this morning and I enjoy ed what David said, Restore, Renew and Create in me. That is what our Sunday mornings seem to do for me, it would be hard to keep on going with out help from above. Dad.

    This is all for this Saturday morning, I will see you in the morning with a short note and then on Monday with my regular journal. Dad

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    Send Love and the best to all of you, wherever you are


    Saturday, August 27, 2011


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    Friday, August 26, 2011



    Sara said...

    Well, not sure if I can teach Oreo how to surf, but I did buy him a skateboard. Hoping to teach him over the winter in our new basement!

    We are ready for the storm, but hoping it isnt as bad as they are saying.

    Have a peaceful weekend.

    Anonymous said...

    Good Morning DAD..

    You have me smiling this morning, surfing with those 3 big dogs and listening to Harvey's tribute to a farmer...all of it so true and so beautiful presented. I so enjoyed all of Paul Harvey's radio broadcasts. This tribute reminded me of our encounter with a sheep farmer and his wife. We were traveling in Ireland and arrived fairly late in one of the small towns. There were no rooms available at the one hotel or any of the B&Bs. A woman at the hotel said she would call a friend who may have a room in her farmhouse. Within minutes we were on our way to this friend's house. When we arrived the wife was vacuuming her daughter's room for us to use for the night. The daughter was spending the summer earning money in Newport, RI. In the morning we met the farmer and had a delicious breakast made from his farm products. He had to get out into the fields but told us to come back and visit any time.

    Shortly I will go out to our local farm stand and get some fresh veggies, including tomatoes. If we lose power due to Irene, we will still have some healthy foods. Irene is due here tomorrow. If we lose power, I will miss my morning x-bold coffee so I will make a large container of ice coffee.

    Enjoy your weekend, especially your Sunday meeting which always refreshes you for all that lies ahead. ...Sara's Mom