Sunday, August 28, 2011


" Begin the day, continue the day, and end the day with God "

Good Morning.

I started writing this short Sunday morning journal a few weeks ago and so many of you have mentioned that you enjoy it I am going to continue if for a while, It has always been my policy no Sunday writing.

Just want you to know that all is well here, I am feeling good and Mary and I are going to be in our Sunday morning meeting where we know that we can get help if we listen and then let it sink down into our hearts, and the important part do it.

The headlines " Tornado headed to New York City"  Has this ever happened before ? Strange.

This is all, I will see you early Monday morning.




Sara said...

Glad you are getting out to your meeting today!

I don't think people up here will be going anywhere today. We are having heavy rains right now, but so far not a lot of wind. Guess that will come later. Although, I don't think it is going to be as bad as they were predicting yesterday. Off to check the news to see how people are doing in NYC and Philadelphia.

Sonya said...

Have a great Sunday, Dad. Glad all is going well.

John White said...

Good Morning, Dad: I enjoyed reading your Sunday blog....Thanks so much to you & Mary for coming by to see my Dad, Roy, at UT hospital. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness & know it wasn't easy because you had such a long wait at your doctor's office. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning DAD....

Today will be our hurricane Irene Day with lots of rain and wind. Once it passes, hopefully all will be safe, the sun should shine tomorrow. My daughter in southern NJ is off with her boys to the Yankee baseball game in Baltimore. Guess things are returning to normal south of us.

Hope you have a dry, sunny day and an inspirational Sunday meeting. ...Sara's Mom

Dad said...

Thanks to all of you and to all that have read my short Sunday journal today. I am going to have some busy days next week regarding my health problems, it looks like we have finally fouund the answer, and we are confident that we are going to be a happy man soon.


Anonymous said...

That is good news! Though you always seem happy when you are blogging.

We are happy now that Irene has passed through our community and left lots of water but did very little damage.

Good luck with your health issues. We'll all be praying for you, hoping for good health!

...Sara's Mom