Thursday, August 25, 2011


Good Morning


Scattered thunderstorms possible. A few storms may be severe. High 33C. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

Variable clouds with scattered showers and thunderstorms, mainly in the afternoon. A few storms may be severe. High 93F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

I always like to get the weather report early in he morning then I can plan my day better. This above east Tennessee around Dad's Tomato Garden.

Speaking of plans I have made a few in the last few days that did not turn out as well as I expected, and I imagined it was best for me that they did not. We sang a hymn in our Wednesday nights bible study that reads like this. " I will leave it all to Jesus, for I know that he understands"

That is one lesson that Dad needs to learn, we would have much more peace, rest and happiness in our lives if we would do that. DAD.

  • Dad's Rose Garden Album 2010

    Two men were talking, one man said to the other this is Thursday, the answer he got was " I am to we need to get a drink of water. Dad.

    " When some feelers decide to retire, nobody knows the difference '

    The above by Kin Rhubarb.

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  • Dad's Rose Garden Album 2010

    Wealthy people miss one of life's greatest thrills, making the last car payment.  Dad.

    If time permits Mary and I plan on making a video this afternoon. Dad.

  • I have not said much, it's hardly worth reading, but I am glad that a few of you still love me. We do have the comment button working.

    If  God in his mercy spares my life another day, I will be back

    Sending  love to all the world in it's need, so much has happened in the last few days that makes  me sad.

    BYE   BYE   DAD


    Linda said...

    Good Morning Dad! I am just enjoying a cup of coffee hoping it takes my headache away. I hate starting the day with a headache! But gotta get moving anyways! Hope your day is great. Linda

    Sara said...

    Good morning! It is very windy this morning and teh sky is red. I guess it will be storming out soon.

    Yesterday, we saw two deer on our male and one female. I've never seen a male in person, so that was pretty cool.

    Anonymous said...

    Good Morning DAD...

    You can feel a change in the weather, must be the force of hurricane Irene creating an almost eery feeling...and it is still a few days away from us.

    So sorry to learn that you have had several disappointments this week. They do pull us down a bit but with your positive attitude and strong beliefs you will soon be smiling again.

    Chewy and Oreo came by yesterday and they had me smiling. Chewy has learned very quickly that I am the "food lady". He greeted me by sniffing my petting until he got his heart shaped peanut butter treat. Fussy Oreo only wanted "cheese". Wish they could come by to visit with would enjoy them and they would enjoy you...especially if you had a treat to offer.

    Have a very peaceful day, relax and enjoy some good memories that make you SMILE.
    ..Sara's Mom

    Hollie said...

    Good Morning Dad,
    I wish you could send us some of that rain. We need it badly! Everything is just drying up around here!

    I'm sitting here enjoying my morning coffee & looking forward to cooler temperatures.

    jmuhj said...

    Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince:

    Hoping you will all stay cool and safe indoors, with lots of iced coffee and maybe some more fried green tomatoes to bring SMILES ;) I know that sounds good to me!

    Yes, there are always so many troubles and tribulations in this world, so it is so important to keep up our Prayer, wherever and however we do this!

    Would love to see a new video -- looking forward to it!

    It is very hot here, and we may get a T-storm according to the forecast, as it is monsoon time. But hopefully the weather will be kind to us all, wherever we are.

    Sending love and PURRS to you all from Jamaka and fams <3