Friday, February 17, 2012

Dad’s Friday Entry Two Thousand Six Hundred & Fifty-Nine

Good Morning.
God does in kindness try , to rouse us every one, for time is earnest , passing by, and soon the end will come .
Mary and I attended the funeral of a friend last night, the man was not as old as I am. I heave known him for many years. He was a good friend and will be missed by many.
The words above are from one of our hymns and they came o during the funeral. Dad
It looks like that we are going to have a nice day, the temp. at 2: 47 is 50 degrees and it looks like clear skies. Smile

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  • Dad's Memoirs
    Mary is going to the Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville , She has an appointment with her doctor in the afternoon. Her brother Jim
    is going to take her, it is a hard trip on them as they come home tonight
    Prince and I are going to be alone today, what are we going to  do, it may take a few more naps, and I will not complain about that. Smile Dad.
    Are you in a Happy mood this morning, well I am and I hope that if you are not in a Happy mood that you will get in one soon, I need " Winning Smiles" to help me through the day..
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    Do use our new and much improver Side Panel. The three Cams are all good, and I saw the eagles yesterday, I did not see an egg yet.
    Tomato planting time is drawing near and you will want to see " Dads Tomato Problem Solver" its in the side Panel and Much more. And I will be talking more and more about Tomatoes Roses and Smiles each day.
    I must go but if you want me I will be back in the morning if it is Gods will.
    We are sending our Love to you.
    Remember to " Live for others today"
    BYE      BYE      DAD.

    Anonymous said...

    Good morning Dad!

    joan said...

    Good Afternoon DAD...

    So sorry to hear that you lost another friend. Your thoughts today are probably memories if his life and of the service last night. I hope some of the memories make you smile.

    We are at the beach on a cool overcast afternoon.The salt water smells wonderful and sound of the waves so restful.

    You are having a quiet afternoon with Prince at your side. Does he go looking for Mary when she is away? We are all hoping Mary gets only positive comments from the doctors at Vanderbilt.
    And I hope Jim brings you some delicious treat tonight.

    Enjoy the quietness. ...Sara's Mom

    betty said...

    HI DAD,
    It is a beautiful day. Two birds are nesting on my lanai (balcony).
    I may have eggs before the eagle's nest is full. Prince and you have the run of the house. Maybe not "run" because I feel you are napping. Perhaps Jim and Mary will bring you a "bento" or "platelunch," for your dinner tonight. In other words, a take home meal. We pray that Mary has pleasant news to share with you.
    Enjoy the day. Aloha from HI....Sara's aunt

    jmuhj said...

    Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince:

    Sounds like a very good day to curl up with sweet Prince, Dad! Safe journeys, Ms. Mary, and hope your appointment goes well.

    The eagles must be having a late lunch or an early dinner; no sign of them, but their nest looks very comfortable among all the green leaves, doesn't it?

    Sending love and PURRS to you all, and safe journeys and good thoughts for the weekend, from Jamaka and fams<3

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