Monday, February 27, 2012

Dads Mondays Entry Two Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Eight

Good  Morning.

I hope that you are getting this new week started of in a HAPPY  mood, if not it could spoil the whole day for you. Remember that we talk so much about that nice , clean unspotted sheet that God gives us every morning. We have the responsibility of keeping it clean until we lay down on our bed tonight, we will need help to do that.

So many things will try to hinder, don’t ever forget “ The world, flesh and devil “ we will have those things to hinder us until our last day on this earth.

Snowflakes and Dear Ones

Gentle snowflakes fall upon me,

Melting fast upon my face,

There’s no way that I can keep them,

If in my heart they have no place.

Very fragile, very special,

Are these snowflakes from the sky

They remind me of my dear ones,

As they gracefully flutter by.

Scarcely do I see their beauty,

Barely do their rare imprints

Fix themselves upon my fingers,

Till I’m wondering where they went.

In this world so temporary,

Filled with ephemeral things,

Surely everything is fleeting,

Flying ‘way on speeding wings.

Like the snowflakes that are melting,

When they touch my skin so warm,

Yes, myself, my friends, my family,

We’re on that solemn journey home.

Snowflakes can’t be kept in bottles,

You can’t grasp them as they fly,

You just have to dearly love them,

As they slowly flutter by.

We cannot keep what can’t be held,

And just as snowflakes disappear,

Often on life’s lonely landscape

We’re deprived of what is dear.

Yet no one really leaves us,

Though we’re far, so far apart,

As long as we believe in snowflakes,

And keep them always in our hearts.

By Mary L. White

Over in the side panel there is a link that will be helpful all season, find it and click “ Dads Tomato Problem Solver “   Thanks Dad.

I am feeling good this morning and I would say that I am in a  HAPPY mood,the good nights rest helped me so much.

Mary and I had a very busy Sunday, two meetings, and I was in my cot pretty early.

Coffee cup animation

The Sumatra x bold Starbucks is just about ready, sit,relax, meditate and smile and I will pour this morning. Dad.

“ Laughter is the Best Medicine “

“ When I hear about people making vast fortunes without doing any productive work or contributing any thing to society, my reaction is how do I get in on that “

“ If men can run the world , why cant they stop wearing neckties ?How intelligent is it to start the day by tying a little noose around your neck ? “

“ You’re never allowed to step on people to get ahead, but you can step over them if they’re in your way “

“ Many an optimist has become rich by buy out a pessimist “

The five good thoughts from, guess who, who else but Readers Digest. Dad.


We are enjoying some much warmer weather, this morning it is 44 degrees and very much appreciated. I has been in the low teens  which did give me a little scare but they cam through o.k. I let them run all night and that helped.

I don’t think that Mary and I have plans for today, but she said that we were going to make a few Videos, she has a camera that is in good shape to go.

I am going to stop with a lot not being said, I always do it seems, I am just not able to think this early in the morning.


But my Side Panel is still there and I am asking him to tell you about my advertising space that I offer to you at a bargain price.

And he also could remind you of Sara , Oreo and Chewy, and don’t forget the eagles.

I am doing a little prof reading on the book, it is looking good

All for now, we are sending our love to you.

If I am spared I will try to slip in again in the morning

BYE      BYE      DAD


Sara said...

Back to work for me today. Both dogs (even Chewy) were a bit annoyed about the alarm clock going off this morning. They have enjoyed the past week, sleeping in an extra hour.

I'm sure they will enjoy napping most of the day to recover from a busy week for them.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's great to see you in a happy mood there this morning. Isn't it wonderful to be able to SMILE. I am ready to go and get my 2nd cup of that good coffee right now. Hope your Monday is a wonderful one!

Goan said...

Good Morning DAD...

No eagles yet. But birds are fluttering about your fountain and feeders. It has been a very strange winter and I think the eagles are a bit confused with all the warm weather in February. We humans are really enoying it.

Mary's Snowflake poem is so lovely. It reminds us have quickly life passes and how important it is to cherish the gentle touching moments we share with friends and family. I hope this poem will become a part of your book.

Looking forward to seeing some videos in the morning...maybe Prince will get to sneak into one of them. Have a beautiful Monday.

...Sara's Mom

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince:

I'm glad the weather has warmed enough so your fountains will work, Dad! Laughing at your Thoughts for The Day, and enjoying again Ms. Mary's beautiful and wise words in her poem, SNOWFLAKES AND DEAR ONES. We're happy and busy working here, hoping for more rain than the tiny bit we've gotten so far, and I have two little mancats curled up near me, one on my lap and the other on the seat beside the computer desk, which I've put a nice, soft rug on.
The eagles must be out to lunch or early dinner again.

Hoping you all have a good afternoon/evening, and sending love and PURRS from Jamaka and fams <3