Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dads Thursday ENTRY Two Thousand Six Hundred Thirty One

Good Morning
Coffee cup animation
“ Oh for the peace of a perfect trust, my loving God in Thee. Unwavering faith that never doubts, Thy choice is best for me.”
How are things at your house this morning ? I hope that you are happy the way things are going. Maybe we cant say that every thing is running to please us, but Mary and I did rejoice in what my doctor said to me yesterday, his words “ I want you to come back in six months and let me check you again and see if you are still as good as your are today.” Now this is one of my regular doctors and it was so good to hear'
This foot trouble of mine has been very hard on Mary, getting up early five morning each week, and taking me to the Oxygen Center, then picking me up at noon, and she herself was so sick, and  doing all that without a complaint . I could not make it without her.
I am so proud of my two children, Jim and Mary, in all their live they have never done any thing to cause me to worry. I feel for those parents that cannot say that.

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I hope that you are enjoying the Side Panel as much as I am, We hope that you are finding every thing that you need and faster than the old way. I know that it is saving me at least three hours each day, and I am going to use that time reading and meditating each morning. “ Time is so precious-do not waste it “

I have a coffee cup pictured up above and have not mentioned coffee, that is Sumatra Starbock x bold, but don’t worry that’s what it is, there is nothing better, some of you serve this morning. You may have noticed a tea pot picture here, well I do serve tea, just ask for it. Dad

I have been reading about Abraham and Lot in the Bible. There came a time in their lives that they had to part. here is what Abraham said to Lot, and I love those words and wish that I could be more like him. “ You go the way that you would like and I will take the other “ this old human nature that is in me always seems to want the first choice, we will have that battle until we take our last breath, pray for for help from above.


This is a link that I read daily, Ma thinks like I do about a lot of things, just down to earth. This link above is working and there is another link in the Side Panel

The weather is a little cool this morning 37 degrees at 7;51 A.M. Central time but I am going to try and get the bird bath turned on today. You can see that I keep them covered good during the winter months and I could put the covered back on in a short time if it turned cold again.

When you do get the chance to view them Cam. # 3 I think will give you the clearest view , but they will be seen on all three Cams.

I am still offering advertising space in this world wide blog at an unheard of price, write Dad at and get a quote from him. No contracts required.

I will be adding more during the days, it is easy to do with this new system.

Be sure and show to the world today that-

“ Winning Smile “

BYE      BYE      DAD


Sara said...

We will all smile over the news you got from your doctor! That's wonderful.

Mary and Jim are wonderful! They love their Dad!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is wonderful news that you don't have to go back for 6 months and you are blessed with 2 wonderful children. I hope now Mary can get a little more rest. Take care and enjoy your day!

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

Breezy and chilly this morning down here. I'll wait until this afternoon to go for my daily walk.

I poured and the coffee is hot and delicious and I am enjoying our visit.

I laughed when you said you (DAD) and MA think alike and are down to earth. You are so right about that. I do like her blog and her colorful photos. "DAD" and "MA" are the best bloggers! And both of you have wonderful children and grandchildren. You both passed along your values and your love.

Good bloggers and Good Parents and Good Smile Makers!

...Sara's Mom

betty said...

Dear DAD,
Many smiles reaching me this morning. It was a two blanket night here in HI. This morning it is cool and breezy. I, too, enjoy
"MA." Ditto, Joan's thoughts.
We hope that Mary continues to rest and that the bruises are almost gone. We are pleased that your doctor doesn't need to see your for a while. You did it! Mary and the team at HBOT, also, helped. Well done. Aloha from HI.....Sara's aunt

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince:

Very good report from your doctor, Dad -- just what we want to hear! and hope Ms. Mary can get some much-deserved R&R and regain her strength and health. We know what the secret is, don't we? It's C.A.T. (Cat-Assisted Therapy), of course! ;) >^^< Prince is "the best medicine of all"!

Hoping you get your birdbath turned on again, and knowing your Wildlife Habitat must be getting a lot of visitors.

Sending love and PURRS from Jamaka and fams<3