Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturdays Entry Two Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Six

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Good Morning.

Colder than expected here this morning---31 degrees. Dad

Saturday morning has arrived again, and it reminds me of a little time to relax and rest our weary bodies, and I am sure that we all need rest,and I am sure that we all need that.

I do have some good news to tell you about, all of the Bird Baths are open and so far are working good, it is going to make the Wildlife Habitat more interesting to the many different forms of wildlife that come my way.

We did buy a few new bird feeders that are going up this morning, one that is interesting to us, it says that it squirrel prof , we want the squirrel to get their food, but at a different spot away from the birds, the birds do not need a  squirrel running up and down their pole.

I am getting way ahead of myself here, I have not even mentioned  any thing about you my friends, I hope that you are feeling good and in a Happy mood. I am feeling go, we had a hard day yesterday but a real good rest last night too care of that.

And I hope that our Sumatra x bold is still good and hot it has been ready for some time so ,sit relax enjoy your self and above every thing else SMILE. Dad.

The weather is a little cooler here this morning, it is 40 degrees yesterday morning it started the day at 66 degrees , I don’t think that any rain is going with us today, we sure have had a lot of it lately.

Now I want to report a real interest in using Readers Digest to produce more smiles. We received so many comments from readers around the world, only Readers Digest could do the job and I want to thank them, I myself have read Readers Digest for many years, Thanks to all of you connected to the company.Dad.

I will be using a few of their smile getters right here.

“ Trying to squash a rumor is like trying to un ring a bell”

“ A rumor without a leg to stand on, will go around some other way”

“ Just because a rumor is idle does not it is not working”

“ To speak ill of others is a dishonest  way in praising ourselves “

Its time for me to come to a halt, as you know I keep this blog open most of the day, for more entries if any come in.

I will not talk about any more business  today but you just wait until Monday morning

Don’t forget the Bird Baths are on and working.

We are sending our love to you’

BYE      BYE      DAD


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It must be much warmer there for you than it is here. Our bird bath will remain empty for quite a while yet. It would be frozen in no time here today. I hope your Saturday is a super one!

John White said...

Good Morning Dad, Enjoyed your post...glad you have the bird baths up & is cold today, but hope you & Mary have a great Saturday.

Goan said...

Good Morning DAD...

Uust back from a short walk. It is in the mid60s but windy, especially near the water. So, I am ready for some hot coffee and warm smiles.

Rumors can do soooo much harm. I am glad you are putting them in their place with words of advice and making us smile at the same time.

Went to Cam #3 and saw the fountain burst up in glory and then to Cam #1 where I saw many birds in the new bird house with the blue roof. I think they like their squirrel proof feeder.. you can expect many more birds to find their way there. Prince must be enoying the view from his perch on your desk.

Yesterday we had a blue heron stand by a palm tree. It seemed to be made of wood because it didn't move for hours, not even its head. It was like it was waiting for a fish to ump out of the canal and pop into its mouth.

Have a pleasant day, indoors or out. The view is perfect from either. ...Sara's Mom