Monday, February 6, 2012


“ Time marches on, time waits for no man, time is in Gods hand and and not in the hand of man, time is precious-do not waste it. Dad.

Good morning

How are all my friends feeling ? I hope that our mood if happy, and we can have a happy mood even though thing around  us are  bad shape, one of our thoughts say something like this “ Happiness in not the absences of trouble but the ability to bear it “ We can have help from our Father if we will only ask remember “ Begin the Day with God ‘





Coffee time has arrived and not any to soon to suite me. I was restless early this morning and I decided, that no one would  care what time that I began . The thought above was in my thoughts during the night , time is flying so fast for me, and I am so glad that it is in  Gods hand and not in the hand of man, God has done so much for me in the last 98 plus years and I intend to trust him for the time when I will be taken from this troubled world, to me that is a wonderful comforting thought. Dad.

Now about this coffee, Oh how I wish that it was real and not make believe but we enjoy it any way, don’t we. Maybe some day one of you will stop in at Dads kitchen and enjoy a cup of x bold with Mary and I, you can watch me make is and really get the good odor  of this coffee. Prince does not like coffee, but he does love for people to stop in and see us, so he would enjoy a visit so much. Dad

This is all for the moment I will be back later this morning

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I hope to see you in the morning, sorry for akk the problems this morning.

We are sending or love to yoy,

BYE      BYE      DAD






Sara said...

Good morning DAD. I think we all need lots of coffee this morning!

Hope you have a great day!

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

I am happy this morning. I am enjoying coffee and a nice piece of local made raisin bread as I visit you. No rain here! It is another beautiful day and I will soon be out for a long walk along the clear blue water.

I checked the nest and still no eggs. I think there is now a 3rd female who may be fighting for the rights to the nest. Everything is different after the death of the nest's female last spring.

I hope Mary was feeling well enough to enjoy some birthday treats yesterday with the members of your Bible group and family.

The rain is good for your soil that will soon be lined with 50 tomato plants. And, on a rainy day you can sit in you comfortable chair, with Prince at your side and work on your book that we are all waiting to read. Have a peaceful day. ...Sara's Mom

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I just finished my 1st cup of that good coffee here this morning and am going for another. I hope your Monday is a wonderful one!

betty said...

Good Afternoon, DAD,
Thanks for the coffee and Monday Morning cheers. It is cloudy here, making this morning look like dusk. I hope the Birthday Gal had a lovely time with family and friends. Have a pleasant day. Lots of Aloha to you, Mary and Prince....Sara's aunt