Wednesday, February 1, 2012


“ Be true today let not tomorrow with anxious fears becloud thy soul, be true today fret not nor sorrow , thy cares upon thy Saviour roll “

Good Morning,

The encouraging thought and advice above is so good , true and something that you can depend on, what a comfort, today is all that we have to worry about, we trust in our heavenly Father for the future, He knows what tomorrow is going to bring forth, and he knows you and I, and I think that it says that “ He will not tempt us above what we are able to bare “ What a rest of heart.

We have not been using videos for our daily thought for some time, this one may not be top notch but you can expect better ones in the future, we are getting better prepared to do this.

January 31, 2012

I want to tell you that our bird baths will be bubbling in about two weeks, The one 0n Cam. # 2 will be lighted.

We will be having some of the best coffee that I have ever tasted in a very few minuets, it is of course Sumatra Starbucks x bold. It is good believe me , Sit, drink and smile.

Coffee cup animation

Mary is feeling better and I am afraid that she is just taking on to much to soon. She was so busy yesterday and the rest of the week is pretty full, help me warn her, we sure do not want here in the hospital on her birthday February 5th. We want to be able to celebrate.

CLICK HERE You must see this!

We are going to be in our Wednesday meeting this evening at 7:30 p.m. Our study is 1st Peter chapter 5. It will be in our home tonight.

I hope that you will look at our side panel, what would I ever do without it, it saves me so much work and gives you a lot more than I would ever think to tell you, so please go there often’

We will be at the Oxygen center on Thursday morning, and if we have a chance we will stop and bother you a little Sherry, run us off if we get in your way.

This is all that I have, Mary might have something to add, She and Prince are taking some much need rest.

I do plan to slip in here again in the morning if you will let me, remember if you want a big tomato around July the 4th you had be good to me. Just teasing.

Remember this always.

“ Live for others every day, it’s the true the better way “ Dad

BYE      BYE      DAD


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How nice to be thinking of having that bird bath running. We did have a Spring like day yesterday but I know winter will still be with us pretty much until April here. We have been known to have snow even then, but the chances of it being much warmer will improve by then. Hope Mary continues to feel better and that she does well.

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

I started out smiling big as I listened to you tell us about some of your treasures. I just love the mug with you and LaVerne's photo on one side. Each morning you get to share a nice cup of coffee with your sweetheart. And that would be about 12,775 changes to the calendar over 35 years... lots of memories in all those days.

Then you got me laughing with that video of the bunny playing with the farm animals. I think that little bunny thinks he is a Border Collie or Sheltie. I hope all your visitors take time to watch and laugh today. I'll be sharing it with friends.

Mary is busy because of the meeting being at your home this evening. She wants all to be just perfect. She needs you and Prince to tell her to slow down.

I'll be looking for the lovely fountain to be uncovered and dancing again. Have a peaceful day and inspiring evening.

...Sara's Mom

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince:

That's one of your finest videos of all -- I'm glad to see your special drinking mug that your friend Boyd had made special for you is still holding your special coffee and making you SMILE, and your story about the calendar is just amazing. I have a couple of sort of similar calendars that belonged to my dad, and I treasure them.

How wonderful about your bird baths! Your Wildlife Habitat just keeps getting more and more special all the time. Prince must be very entertained by all the life he sees out his windows!

Yes, Ms. Mary, I hope you know when to say "when"; I tend to do the same thing, because work is there for us and it must be done, but if we overdo it when we're not well, it can come back and kick us. I'm about to attempt to do just that, and hope I can get it done without problems. Sending love and PURRS from all of us to all of you! from Jamaka and fams <3

Sara said...

I'm glad you liked the video! I'm hoping to bring my dogs to a sheepherding instinct test this year. They put the dogs with some sheep and see if they have good herding instincts. Not sure what my two will do. I know they both like to run in circles.