Thursday, February 2, 2012


Good Morning,

This is the day that God has made, I am going to rejoice and be glad it, I am going to try and love others more than myself, and try to have that “ Winning Smile “ that might help some weary soul along the way, as I have heard it said “ That’s what its all about “ Sam has said that to me many times

! woke up this morning  feeling good and wanting to do something Mary and I have about every thing in place for the coming tomato, rose and smile season, Mary feeling better and able to help me is the reason that we are at this point.

Joan sent me this link below regarding the eagles, we hope that we can enjoy them again this year.

Eagles in their nests-CLICK HERE

It looks like that you are going to see another video, why does old Dad do it tell him to be quiet and let you rest.


It is early 1:34 a.m. eastern time but I need my coffee, at this early hour it is hard to stay awake without, you can have yours or wait until later, and don’t worry it is x bold.

Mary and I are making an early stop at the wound center early this morning, nothing wrong thinks look good, we usually stop in there about ever two weeks.

So Sheery you better lock your door and turn out the lights or we might stop in for a “ Winning Smile " if we have the time.

Jim and Beverly will be coming down from Kingsport this afternoon, and we are invited out for a meal at Ruby Tuesdays . I already know what I am ordering “ baby back ribs and x bold coffee. They have the best that I have found. Dad.

I need to talk more about producing tomatoes, after all in about two month you may see me down there in the garden getting my hands and clothes dirty, that will be seen on Cam # 1


Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

A beautiful morning down here and a warm day coming up...another "sit on the beach" day and enjoy the peace and gifts around us.

Your Winning Smile came through this morning with you reading a really good thought for the day to all of us. The treatments at the HBOT renewed your energy and now you use some of that energy to bring those special folks Winning Smiles. I see lots of laughter at The Wound Center and in Dr. Hall's office today.

You had Sherry and Mary had Prince and now both of you are healing. Ah, the power of kindness, gentleness and love.

Have a lovely morning and a restful afternoon. ...Sara's Mom

Joan said...

About the Eagles nesting in Norfolk VA.. The link to the new CAM, which is much sharper than last year is:

This morning, the male was sitting in the next looking around for the female.

DAD, you might want to change the link that you have on your sidebar next to the photo of an Eagle.

betty said...

Lots of big smiles today. Your lunch with family sounds finger licking good. I didn't see any activity at the eagle's nest. I need to check in again. Enjoy the rest of the day. Aloha from HI....Sara's aunt

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince:

The nest is empty at the moment, but it looks like nice weather over there where the eagles are. Sounds like you and Ms. Mary have a jump on the season already! Wishing you all success with tomatoes, roses and, of course, SMILES ;) Nice video -- and yes, that is something to think about all right! Never put off til tomorrow the good you can do today ;)

Hope your visit to your friends at the HBOT Center was good, and that you enjoy your lunch and good company. Safe journeys, and sending love and PURRS from Jamaka and fams<3 along with wishes for a wonderful weekend ;)