Friday, December 9, 2011



             Good Morning,


“Time is precious; Do not waste it.”


Meet Mr. Squirrel who visits Prince and me quite often.



My Brother’s Keeper

As I walked along life's pathway,
My brother walked there too
I saw my brother slip and fall
I wondered what to do.

I took my problem to the Lord,
The Lord already knew.
And as I talked it o'er with Him,
He told me what to do.

He spoke to me of His great love,
His mercies ever new.
And if my brother I would help,
I would need this love too.

So if I see my brother fall
In keeping strong and true.
I'll take it only to the Lord,
Who knows just what to do.

      By Ray White              

I think that I am in a good mood this morning, I hardly know, so many things have happened around me right in front of my eyes the past few days that  does cause me to loose confidence in man but not in my Heavenly Father, He is up above us looking down to see any that is doing good. What a    thought but also a con one, why should we ever worry.

In the poem above talking about our brother making mistakes a lot of people cannot wait to tell it to their neighbor instead of the Lord, and also wanting to be the first to do it, I despise gossip. DAD

Mary and I have not made any plans for this day, only to take is easy, but I have made plans for us to have a cup of Sumatra x bold coffee it is ready and I am going to pour, Joan you sit right down in that rocker over there and Relax you try to do to much for others

An old timer is some one who  remembers when we counted our blessings instead of calories.

Middle age is when we can do as much as we ever did but would rather not’

These two above are from Over The Hill and on A Roll.

We have no intentions of violating any ones copy write, if you think I have let me know and I will correct it DAD


You will find as you look back upon your life That the moments when you have really lived are the moments when you have you have done things in the spirit of love.

By Henry Drummand

I do want to tell you that I do sell advertising in this journal write Dad for prices.

We are also writing a book of our own, we will keep you  posted on this.

I must go will see you in the morning.

Live for others.

BYE     BYE     DAD



Sara said...

We have snow here! Oreo and Chewy love it. I don't know where they find the energy to run, run and run in that stuff. Hopefully, it sticks around for a few days.

It's Friday! Yay!

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

What a delightful blog you wrote today! I love all your poems and this one will be one of my favorites. It speaks of helping others just as you say and do everyday. It is a treasure and I am glad you are sharing it with all of us.

Then after a few tears from the poem you give us laughter and SMILES with those very funny quotes. I really must look for that book.

And then you also give us coffee, x-bold coffee to satisfy the sense of smell and taste. You fill our cup each day with so, so much.

Have a very relaxing day with a little time spent on the "secret" book you are making. Prince will be on the table watching both of you and crawling under your arms and hands for some attention.

...Sara's Mom

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet squirrel-watching Prince ;):

That is such a cute picture, Dad! We have some very prosperous squirrels here, who share "their" food with the birds ;) and all are enjoyed by my beloved cats and me!

Sara's Mom, as ever, is right. You did write a wonderful post today! Those thoughts and quotes are so correct and inspiring -- thank you for sharing them with us, especially in these times when we do see a lot of mayhem going on every day, and that is dismaying to say the least. But gossip is reprehensible, isn't it? and anyway, who among us can do anything by ourselves to undo that? None of us!

Had to have a tech out today, which is why I'm so late posting; and just wanted to let you know that, in case I am unable to post any given day, it's probably because of IT issues. My connectivity has been intermittent since a week ago Thursday when we had those 100mph winds. Hoping and praying the problem has been solved now!

Be well, safe journeys, and may you all enjoy a good weekend. Sending love and PURRS from Jamaka and fams <3