Thursday, December 8, 2011


Sweet is the rest in bearing the cross
Good Morning,
I am in a happy mood this Thursday, and I have a lot of reason for for being happy.
This picture above sits on my desk and brings me many pleasant thoughts  of past days. His name was Scottie, and to me there has never a companion like Scottie, When I worked he was with me, when I was lying in the shade Scottie was there, He is gone now. his grave along with Prince is under the Flag in our back yard
Snowflakes and Dear Ones
Gentle snowflakes fall upon me,
Melting fast upon my face,
There’s no way that I can keep them,
If in my heart they have no place.
Very fragile, very special,
Are these snowflakes from the sky
They remind me of my dear ones,
As they gracefully flutter by.
Scarcely do I see their beauty,
Barely do their rare imprints
Fix themselves upon my fingers,
Till I’m wondering where they went.
In this world so temporary,
Filled with ephemeral things,
Surely everything is fleeting,
Flying ‘way on speeding wings.
Like the snowflakes that are melting,
When they touch my skin so warm,
Yes, myself, my friends, my family,
We’re on that solemn journey home.
Snowflakes can’t be kept in bottles,
You can’t grasp them as they fly,
You just have to dearly love them,
As they slowly flutter by.
We cannot keep what can’t be held,
And just as snowflakes disappear,
Often on life’s lonely landscape
We’re deprived of what is dear.
Yet no one really leaves us,
Though we’re far, so far apart,
As long as we believe in snowflakes,
And keep them always in our hearts.
By Mary L White
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We will be going for my Oxygen treatment this morning, I will call you from the parking lot Sherry. it a cool 35 right now, you can bring me a hot cup of coffee if you wish, I will be good all day if you will. DAD
I have lots more to give you later today’
“ Live for others "
BYE     BYE     DAD


Sara said...

What a beautiful photo of you and Scottie. We never forget our pets.

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

Did you know it is snowing here in the northeast? Yes beautiful snowflakes cover the trees and the ground and continue to fall outside my windows. Watching the snow fall at the same time I am reading Mary's wonderful poem makes both more beautiful.

I hope you and Mary have compiled a book of your poems to give as very special gifts to your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and many friends.

Love the photo of you and your Scottie. It is actually your love of Scottie that guided you to Misty and Sara and then onto me. What a special and faithful friend in life and in death.

The hot coffee is waiting to warm you on this chilly day. Enjoy the coffee, enjoy the Prince charming, and enjoy an afternoon of poetry.

...Sara's Mom

madcobug said...

Sweet picture of you and Scotty. You can tell who loves their pets. I noticed on the animal site where you click to donate food for the shelter on the front today they had a picture of a 15year old dog that when his owner passed away the family took him to a shelter. He really didn't look that old. Made me so sorry for him. You would think some family member would have taken him. He was so pretty. Makes me almost cry when the animals are left behind not know what is happening to them. Helen

betty said...

Good Morning,
Scotty is a cutie. You and he were great friends. As Joan has said, he is still your friend and bringing frinds to your coffee pot -
From Misty to Sara to Joan to me.
No snow here. we will be traveling in about 10 days. I hope we don't run into bad weather along our route to the DR.
We love Mary's poem. It makes us thing about making our life worthwhile. Good fun with your friends at HBOT. Hope the new shoes are ready for the holidays.
Aloha from HI.......Sara's aunt.