Saturday, December 10, 2011


Sweet is the suffering in bearing of the cross
Good Morning
I am in a Happy Mood this morning, and I hope that you will join me today.
One thing that I am going to do is this favorite of mine, it is what the carpenters say “ Measure twice and saw once'’
I feel that is I do this that I will be a happy man at my bedtime.
Mary and I have wonderful plans for ourselves, we will have the previledge of two of our friends being with us in our Sunday morning and then going to lunch after, they are on their way to Florida for the winter
We wish that we could go on with them, but we better stay her with Prince, and work so we can have food to put on the table
I have the Sumatra x bold coffee ready, stop in any time today and make your self at home
I am going to stop right here, I will be close by all this day to get all the good things that come in, and for you to tell me that you love this old grey header man who is 98 plus old, I really do not feel that old, I am planning to have a big tomato garden this spring.
If you  pass by this way around July the 4th stop in and Dad will have a few for you no charge, a Big Smile will be all, and no taxes
If you need me today  you can reach me here at
You may noticed that there a few things that we do not even mention any more, feel as free as a Tiger in the wilds’
Look for a better journal morning, I will begin to tell you all that I know about producing tomatoes , send any questions I will try to help. DAD
Don’t forget our main purpose in life “ Live for others every day.”
BYE     BYE     DAD


Sara said...

Jeff takes that "measure twice, cut once" saying to the extreme. I think he measures at least 10 times before cutting. Especially with expensive lumber!

A good message to slow down, take our time, and get it right the first time.

Enjoy your guests on Sunday!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope you have a wonderful time with your company. I think when it gets cold out we have all wished we could go south for the winter. So far we've had just a little snow and that has melted right off. It will come and stay soon so I won't complain.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning DAD...

I too am in a happy mood this morning. I am on the Amtrak train heading south to NYC. It is a beautiful ride along the Hudson River. Behind me are 3 little girls, about 4 or 5 years old. The are so bubbly....filled with so much excitement. They are making me smile brightly.

I will meet my Philadelphia sister and we will walk the busy streets on our way to see a play. After we will have a nice meal at a small bistro. We would live to have Betty there with the 3 sisters behind me.

It is nice to know that you will also have a special weekend. Enjoy the company and the meeting.

...Sara's Mom

Sonya said...

Stopping by to say hello Dad and hope you are doing well, despite Mary not being there. Glad Jim treating you well. lol You have a wonderful Saturday. We gotta go pick up the poodle who just got her Christmas trim. I bet she looks like Ms. Clause.


betty said...

Good Afternoon, DAD,
What a great blog full of energy and good things to share. Tomorrow will be a great day of renewing friendships and sharing a moment together at Bible Study. It is wonderful to feel good. Surely it will be your best tomato harvest, yet. I wish I were with Dot and Joan, today, but knowing they are having a good day is a joy. Aloha from HI....Sara's aunt