Thursday, December 29, 2011


“ Love the Lord with all thy Heart “
Good Morning. ....
I have had a wonderful nights sleep an I feel like I am ready to face the conflict. I still need a little time to read and meditate as I have a cup of good hot Sumatra x bold coffee, I made it at an early, I do wish that it were possible for us to live closer together , we would have a wonderful time around the coffee pot, encouraging one another to keep pushing on to the end of our journey
I am in a Happy mood this morning, for a change every thing seems to be going as planned, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. Jim and Beverly are supposed to spend Friday with us Jim will be working on one of our computers . I am lucky to have three experts in my family to keep me going Mary, Jim and Beverly and I even know how to turn this Del on, right over to the right at the bottom.
I am almost a shame to tell you the tine but I will it is now 1:52 a.m. and don’t feel sorry for me, I am enjoying this and as I said up above I am in a Happy Mood, I am sorry that I cant show you this on Cam. 1 right now, I am doing a little work on it , it will be ready t a decent hour this morning, check it out you may see Dad drinking Coffee or sleeping. Prince may pass in front of the camera every few minuets.
“ Time is so precious-do not waste it “  Dad.
“ Do unto others as you would have them do unto you “
I should be doing more of the things that I LOVE to do best and that is helping you produce one of the Best Home Grown Tomato in your little garden, if you have just one plant I am as interested in you as if you had one thousand, so please call on me and I and the experts will do our best to help.
And the charges are reasonable , free to you, not even any sale tax, all I want from you is a big smile, and maybe a picture from you to use on this blog , pictures of growing tomatoes and the ripe fruit. Lets have some fun, and enjoy getting our hands dirty, it’s a good feeling.
I will be showing you pictures of our 50 plants when we get the plants in the ground, see them growing from plants to red ripe tomatoes, Mary will be using her traveling  Cam. # 1 to show you this.
I must tell Sherry that we will not see you until after the New Year 2012, but we will be stopping in soon. Dad
I am going to ask you to roam around again today in my side panel, it will tell you several good things. One thing that I need to mention is about my advertising space that I am offering, it is read in over one hundred countries and five thousand cities. This is ideal for your local advertising or in a far away country. Let me surprise you with a quote.  I would appreciate hearing from you, my coffers are low.
This is overly long but I have enjoyed visiting this morning, enjoyed the coffee very much. If all goes well I will see you as the sun come  up over the hen house Friday morning.
Sending Love all this troubled world, and remind you to “Live for others "
BYE     BYE     DAD


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Since you were up so early this morning I do hope your day holds a nap or two for you. Most mornings it is around 7 am when I get up and have that first cup of good coffee. Take care and have a wonderful Thursday!

joan said...

Good morning DAD....

You may be up in the middle of the night writing your blog, but it is so clearly written we would never know it. You must be fresh and alert at 2 AM when we are snoozing.

We are in the car heading to Savannah. I have my not so hot but bold Hampton inn coffee next to me. And I need it on this chilly morn in VA. We even had to scrap ice off the car windows. I thought I would be in the warm south by now.

There will be a farmers market open on Saturday around the corner from the Florida hose and I will be buying locally grown my salt Shaker ready. Enjoy looking at some tomato plant catalogues today and a few naps dreaming of harvesting them. ...Sara's Mom

Sara said...

It is VERY cold here this morning. Luckily, the wind has died down, so it doesn't feel too bad. Still, I think I'llwait til the afternoon to go for a walk with the dogs. They may have fur coats, but I don't!

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince:

Over 100 countries and 5,000 cities -- how impressive, Dad! It's no wonder, too -- there are so many things to learn and to share here! and everyone wants a reason to SMILE ;)

So glad you all are having a good year-end. I wish I had a relative who could work on my computer, too ;) Hope that goes very well and that your system is operating perfectly afterwards.

Sending love and PURRS from Jamaka and fams<3