Monday, December 26, 2011


Good morning.
Time is so precious- d0 not waste it
Live for others every day ‘Tis the true the better way.I hope that all of my readers all around this wide world are in a HAPPY mood this Monday morning.
You all know how much I love Monday mornings, after these holidays I get bored and anxious to get in the harness again.
And thinking of these nice clean sheet that God gives me it gives me a desire to keep it clean, the only way that I can is having help from above.
I have been late almost every morning and not having that Sumatra Starbucks x bold coffee ready, but not this morning, The first thing that I did was getting a big pot going, I can smell it now. I wish that it was really true that you could be here with me enjoying a cup, maybe someday, think how much has been invented in the last 50 years,  what do you think of that Joan  ?
I want to tell you about our outside Traveling Camera for today. Mary and I have to make a short trip, while we are away from the office # I will be showing you our front Wild Life Habitat, not a very pretty picture right now, you just wait, spring will soon be here.
We only have 2 cameras in service. # three is in the repair shop.
Watch me this afternoon, if I had audio on this you might hear a few snores.
This is going to be all for the present. I will come back later in the day with a few jokes, and we might get in a Video.

I want to tell Sherry how much we are missing her. The foot Dr said I will go without the hyperbaric treatments for 2 weeks then she will decide whether or not I need more treatments in the Hyperbaric Center.
Sherry, I do miss your smile each morning, Tell all the crew hello for me. Mary and I may surprise you and visit you some morning soon
I will still be writing this journal seven days each week, talking about the Oxygen Treatments. I am a live, walking example of what it will do for you. DAD
I do need to Thank so many of you that have sent me so many beautiful cards and nice comments, and I am not able to do the same for you

I need to tell you about an advertising plan that I have, write Dad for prices
Do check my side panel for other things that I have to offer, such as Vic Weals books on the Smokies, My book will be finished soon DAD
I do need to talk about business, you know that is necessary if we expect to eat.That reminds me of an old joke. “ A man had a mule that he was going to teach to live without eating, but he said he had bad luck, just about when he had it trained the mule died”
We are sending our love out to you.
If all is well I will see you on Tuesday morning.
“ Live for others today “
BYE     BYE     DAD


Sara said...

Wow! Chewy slept until 6:50AM today! Never thought I'd see that day. Must have been all the beef that my mom fed him last night.

I'm finishing up my cup of coffee, then we are heading out to the woods for a peaceful morning walk. Always the best part of my day.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I am having my 1st cup of good coffee right now and will have another cup or two before the morning is over. On these chilly winter days it tastes extra good. Hope your Monday is a wonderful one!

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

I am enjoying that cup of coffee with the warmth of the sun coming through my kitchen window. It is strange weather for late December in NY but we are not complaining. Today we pack the car with lots of stuff for our two month stay in Florida and tomorrow we head south.

We had a wonderful Christmas and hope you did too. This is Sara's dogs favorite day to be at my house because I cook a large tenderloin of beef for the humans and I cook the chain portion just
for the dogs...and they ate it all.

Your mule joke left me smiling. I wish you a day filled with smiles. ...Sara's Mom

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Hi Dad, I hope you had a nice Christmas and I am wishing you and Mary a wonderful New Year!

Linda said...

Hello Dad! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I am glad to hear that you are doing well. I have missed journaling. I think I am going to have to come back! Linda