Saturday, December 31, 2011


Note: We now have all 3 cams on and working. # 3 has been off for months, its my favorite, on # 3 when someone comes on I can tell that you are there, and then I can talk to you, use it the same way that you the other cams, help is waiting on you.
Good Morning,
‘ Time is so precious-do not waste it.....
I am early again this Saturday feeling good, and you know that I am in a Happy Mood. A lot of good things happened to us yesterday, Jim and Beverly  did come down, they are just to good to us, they brought Mary some beautiful gifts some pictured above Jim and Mary have our computers in tip top shape.  It is a pleasure for me to write this blog. I don’t remember when I began this blog but it is now 2:11 a.m  Dad
And first of all let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful Great Grand-Daughter, Kara. Today she turns 14.  We love you and are very proud of you Kara!
A Gift from Jim and Beverly
Dad with Hersey Bars

The Secret
There is no place on land or sea;
On distant hill or valley fair,
In fruitful field or barren waste,
But lo, O Lord, I find Thee there.
In tumult of the noisy crowd
That throngs life’s busy thoroughfare,
In heart of nature’s solitude,
I find, O Lord, that Thou art there.
There are no heights in Heaven above
There are no depths of dark despair
There is no place in life or death,
But lo, O Lord, I find Thee there.
The secret of true sweet content,
Of quiet heart set free from care,
Is just the lovely certainty,
That where I go, Lord, Thou art there.
Author Unknown to me. If any one who is reading this knows the author’s name, please let me know so I can give them proper credit
I love the poem above, it is such a comfort to us, and gives us peace of heart and trust in God as we read it, dealings that I have  had with men lately helps me to see that it does not pay to put to put your trust in mortal man, some of them ( not all ) will let you down..
Over in the panel to your right is a link that says “ Tomato Problem Solver” but you will need to go there to view it,do go you will find all that you need to produce better tomatoes than your neighbor, it deals with blight and other problems.I will have that link here in a few days, but you be sure that you go there now. Dad said so. Dad.
I am glad that I am beginning to talk more about Tomatoes and it will be mention a lot from here on out. Our Cam # 1 will be playing a big part in our fun when we begin getting our hands dirty putting these plants in the ground watching them grow until we big red tomatoes peeping out at us
We are having fun with # 1 until then watching Dad drink his x bold coffee and he even smiles at us when he can keep awake, but we even like to see him sleep, he works hard and he is due a little rest. Watch for him today.
Mary and I have not talked about any plans for today , Sunday we will be in our meeting, we do need to prepare for that important meeting.
I do not close these Saturday blogs
until late in the afternoon so I will be in and out all after noon.
I enjoyed this visit and today as I am .leaving you I am
sending my Love to you.
Remember to live for others.
BYE      BYE      DAD


Sara said...

Wishing you lots of smiles and good health in the new year!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

As we end this year I just wanted to say Happy New Year's eve! We'll be greeting a New Year again in the Morning. Have a great Saturday!

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

What a wonderful morning! Lots of sunshine outside our Dunedin, FL windown and lots more sunshine inside your TN blog.

You must really lot chocolate for Jim and Beverly to have given you the biggest bar of Hersey I have ever seen. And your smile says it too. I am sort of hooked on Hersey's Dark Chocolate with Almond miniatures. I will have to get some today (if they are on sale).

I hope all your readers take the time to watch and listen to you read Way To Happines. It sure is filled with truth...a good poem to end 2011 and remind us of things to do and say if we want to be happy in 2012!

Poems can be a comfort to us and I know you will continue to print or read many to us throughout the winter. Once spring comes your tomato garden will be poetry in action.

Enjoy this last day of 2011 with a smile on your face and on your heart. Hugs to you, Mary and Prince Charming. ...Sara's Mom

egtara said...

Happy New Year Dad