Saturday, December 17, 2011


The Gift of God that no amount of money can buy “ Eternal Life “
Good Morning
I like to think of this entry as my lazy entry, I don’t have to say very much and I can take all day to write if I need to.
And I don’t go to the Hyperbaric Center , I only go five days each week, the one think about is that I will not see Sherry, until Monday morning, and I do like to see that smile that you get from her.
Sherry is doing a wonderful job ,the treatments are wonderful, healing people and making them smile again, I do highly recommend the treatments, they have done so much for me, giving me a lot of hope for the future,  50 plant tomato garden for one thing, if you happen to be near my garden around July the 4th stop in and sample some good. Do bring your salt shaker.
Since I will be around all, coming in and out, I am going to rest for a little, maybe a cup of that x bold coffee and may a nap with PRINCE.
But you will hear from me again, I promise.
Here’s a picture Jim took of me a few minutes ago.
BYE     BYE     DAD


betty said...

Good Morning, DAD,
I want to come around before July 4 when the tomatoes are green. Then we can enjoy big plates full of DAD'S FRIED GREEN TOMATOES. But first, we have to get the plants ordered and in the ground. I think that will be happening soon. Have a lovely day. Cheers to Mary and Prince. Aloha from HI...Sara's aunt

Sara said...

50! Wow! That's a lot of plants. I'm hoping to have a bigger veggie garden this, but not sure I'm ready for one that big!

I have a very long to do list today. First up...taking the dogs for a walk. Chewy needs to get some exercise, since he isn't supposed to be running and jumping for a few days. He keeps trying to run though, so he must be feeling fine.

Have a good Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Good morning DAD...

I too find Saturdays to be a lazy kind of day. I do a few things but usually at a slower pace. I even SIP my coffee and read the morning newspaper slowly. One thing I will be doing once it warms up is clean up tbe maple branches that the strong winds blew down during the night on Thursday. I have had to do that a lot this fall.

Sherry is a good person to have working at HBOT....she helps heal the body and the spirit. I think she will have her salt shaker ready come July, ready for some of DAD's heirloom tomatoes. For now we can dream of the wonderful juicy taste, enhanced by a little salt. YUM!

Have a dreamy day. ..Sara's Mom