Saturday, January 28, 2012


Good Morning.
I am sure that you have heard me say is that I like Monday mornings, I like the thought of having a new beginning a chance to do better than I did last week, that is very merciful of God to give me another chance.
I am in a Happy mood this morning, and I have good reason to be, Mary is feeling much better, able to move around better, and even turned on here computer for a little while, we are just taking  things easy not rushing anything but you never know we might go out sometime this afternoon Thanks to all of you for your kind words that have come our way, true friend are priceless. DAD.
I want to tell you right here that Mary has a Birthday on February the 5th. DAD
Would you appreciate s cup of Sumatra Starbucks x bold coffee this time of the morning, you had better look at the time before you answer me, it is now 2:24 a m.
Coffee cup animation
We do appreciate good coffee and I think that we have the best, and I have a lot of friends that agree with me I don’t  have very much to brag about when it comes to my education, only finished the 8th grade at Whites School , but I am a good coffee taster anyway. DAD

  • Dad's Tomato Garden Problem Solver. This link above is my pride and joy, along with my three outside cameras
    When you read the Problem Solver you will see that it is something very useful. when you read it please read to the end, about blight, pests and other enemies that we have to fight, and interest pictures  of fruit and leaves. We need to do all that we can to ever enjoy a good home grown tomato sandwich, nothing like it. Don’t forget the dressing and maybe a little lettuce , and I like salt. DAD

  • “ When I get up in the morning the first thing that I do is read the obituaries , if I am not there I shave “

  • By George Burns
    “Just when you have learned to make the most of your life, the most of your life is gone ‘
    This one above is from Over the Hill and on a Roll.

  • I want to say Hi to Sherry and all the crew at the Mobile Hyperbaric center. Mary and I plan on being at the hospital on another matter on Thursday morning, we may come by and see you for a very short time, I need to see one of those “ Winning Smiles “ and also I need a hug.

  • I must stop all this roaming around and let us both get busy. the side panels are loaded, there you will find Jims blog, he lives in Kingport, and Oreo and Chewy, the three cams, John Whites blog, that’s not all , go see for yourself , It may even mention more than than I have about money matters and as I am sure that you know as well as Dad, that money  does matter, it keeps the wheels turning.

  • One of the important things in this short life of mine is to always put others first in my ever day dealings

  • “ Live for others “

  • If I am spared I will slip in again in the morning. We three are sending our love your way. Dad

  • BYE      BYE      DAD


    Joan said...

    Good Morning DAD...

    So glad to hear that Mary is feeling a bit better. I hope she will be completely better by her birthday on the 5th. I know she will smile and enjoy cake and candles in her honor. You better put more coffee in the pot that day.

    If you need a smile today, make sure you visit Sara's blog and watch the video of Misty, one of your favorite shelties. Misty died one year ago and this video reminds us why we all loved her..

    George Burns had so many funny quotes about aging... they somehow seemed funnier back when I was in my 20-30s. Now they just seem too true. Thanks for the laughs.

    Enjoy the gift of this new day. I hope Prince is giving you a little more time now that Mary doesn't need his help as much.

    ...Sara's Mom

    betty said...

    HI DAD,
    Good news lights up the room. Good news bring on the smiles. We are all so very happy that Mary is recovering and that her shoulder is good. Love your blog. Love the coffee. Have a lovly evening. Aloha to all from HI....Sara's aunt

    jmuhj said...

    Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince:

    Very glad for the good progress report, Miss Mary, and may I wish you an early but heartfelt Happy Birthday! Hope it's a very special day for you, that you are feeling 100% better by then, and that you have a nice celebration.

    Oh, Dad, surely you jest about only going through 8th grade. You are one of the wisest people I know! ;)

    Wishing you all a safe, cozy and comfortable evening, and sending love and PURRS from Jamaka and fams <3