Saturday, January 21, 2012


“ Sweet is the rest in bearing of the cross- if we serve God because we love Him It will bring a rest and peace into your live that  nothing else can bring. Serving the world, flesh and the devil only brings sorrow of heart at the end,” Dad.

Good Morning.

This is the morning that we love to begin to say a few words, it always reminds me of rest and some time to relax and get refreshed to help us in the week that faces us. In the 51st psalm David ask God for some of these things after he was made aware of his sin.

And being in a HAPPY MOOD this week will help us and every one that we are with,some one ask and old man that was in a rest home how he spent his day there, I love his answer “ I spend my time sitting down and thinking of all the good things that others have done for me

If you have missed me I have been having a little coffee break all alone, you could have saw me if you had been on Cam, # 1, That Cam. follows me around all day, gives me no privacy  at all, but that is what I like, this spring  we will be showing you lots of beautiful things such as Tomatoes in all stages of their growth and beautiful Roses, keep your glasses clean. Dad.

“ If winning  isn’t every thing why do they keep score “

“ If God had meant for us to go naked he would have made our skin to fit better “

“ When I was born I was so surprised that I could not talk for a year and a half “

“ Never ask the barber if you need a haircut”

“ Why do they call it rush hour when nothing moves “

“ A perfect parent is a person with excellent child rearing theories and no children “

I do want to thank Readers Digest  for the six good thoughts above, they are taken from Laughter the Best Medicine. I have read and enjoyed Readers Digest for many years, Dad

I   must begin to pack my bag and get out of here, I have a little work to do on our Sunday morning meeting room. And you remember that I do not close this blog early to day, I keep open for late news.

Please remember to--

“ Love and live for others every day.

BYE      BYE      DAD


Forty Pound Sack said...

Wow, great post! I had a rough couple weeks and needed the reminder to think happy thoughts ~ thank you!

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

I am more than smiling this morning. Today's quotes from Readers' Digest were all laugh out loud funny. And the quote from the man in the rest home reminded me of my mother-in-law. When I would go to visit and sit next to her, she would grab my hand, look up at me and whisper,everyone is so nice to me here, it must be very expensive. Then she would tell me some of the good things others had done. They were simple things, like saying a prayer with her, or touching her on the shoulder and asking how she was doing, combing her hair, covering her legs with a blanket, or spending a few minutes listening to her stories. She would say they are so busy and yet they are so good to an old lady like me. Sometimes the simple things mean the most.

I think today is a good day to sit on the beach,read a book, smile, and say hello to people walking by. You meet people from all over the world by doing this and you get a lot of smiles in return.

The weekend is for relaxing and I do know how to do that. I hope you get relax and be content as you go about your business of bringing smiles to others.
..Sara's Mom

betty said...

I feel like the fly on the wall making a report. From CAM #1, I saw DAD eating a banana at 2AM. His coffee was already poured. There was no sign of Prince. He must have been curled up and asleep. I passed on the coffee, but am now ready. Joan is out having lunch at the Ohana Cafe. Maybe Jamaka can pour.
I loved Joan's tribute to her mother-in-law. What a sweet lady, so thankful for the small pleasures that touched her heart.
Thank you Mary, for the wonderful photos of the birds. I have never seen such a blue bird. It is a wonder. Have a lovely day and a blessed Sunday at your meeting. Aloha from HI......Sara's aunt