Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Good Morning.

I am sorry that I have had so much trouble this morning, trouble that is with Live Writer, but I am determined to give you a
blog today, please have patience with old Dad, he's going to make it, late but late is better than never.
In the blog that I had started I was talking about one of our hymns that has words like this " And even though things come up that we do not like, but they are for our good and to wean us from this world, what a wonderful thought I want to accept that with a smile
I was also getting to get some coffee started, not just any coffee, but it must be Starbucks Sumatra x bold, and that is what it is and it will be ready soon, sit and Dad will serve.Cup
These blogs are read in
cities of this world, I want to thank all of you who follow us each day. It seems very far away, but the computer makes it near.. I invite you to watch my # 1 Cam, when you have the time, I am having lots of fun with it DAD

I had intended to write lots more, but I think that I will just tell you that I love you, and quit for a while and have a nap with Prince, when Mary comes in if she has anything I will have her post it.
I hope to see you in the morning under better conditions, without Style Writer being with us. " Be Good " and "Live for others this and every day.
BYE      BYE      DAD

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joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

I am sitting in the strong sunshine, sipping some x-bold coffee....life is good. Even when disappointments come are way, if we just calm down we can think of the times, events, people,that have made our life good. And sometimes the today's disappointments even turn into tomorrow's joy.

I did my homework and went to mapquest. To travel from Florida to New York by way of Knoxville would add 200 miles or 3+ hours. That would make the miles 2500+. I doubt if I can convince my husband to sit in the car that much longer. But, you never know. Someday we just may include a trip to the Smokey Mts.

I think I convinced him to take a drive along the Gulf today towards the white sandy beaches of Maderia. The natural beauty is at its best on a beautiful day like today.

Enjoy your quiet time with Prince and your blog creating time with Mary. I'm off to see you in person at your desk, maybe reading this, at Cam 1.

....Sara's Mom