Monday, January 2, 2012


Remember the nice clean sheet that God is giving us this second day of a new year 2012, this clean sheet if for the whole year, it is nice and clean right now, it will need to be watched daily, don’t let any spots build up, it can happen before you know it. Here is a little secret God would like to help you.

Good  Morning.

Note: Our Cam # 3 is not in service, out for repairs, will be back soon. Dad

Are you read for the battles that face us this coming year, we do not know what we will face, God in his kindness has hid the future from our view, would it not be bad if we knew what was going to happen to us on the morrow, one thing for sure our trust is in the living God.

“ If I had known  that I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself “

Jimmy  Durante said this, and Dad says  it also

I do not know what is going on, its discouraging when you write several hours and it all goes away, we will try to replace what we can remember

Something has happened to what I wrote early this morning. Sorry.

“ Live for others “

BYE      BYE      DAD


betty said...

Good Morning, DAD.
Happy New Year's 2012! We had a lovely visit to the Dominican Republic. It was wonderful to be with our daughters and their families. Have a lovely day and I'll be back later in the day. Maybe Joan can pour the coffee.
Love to you, Mary and Prince. Aloha from HI.....Sara's aunt

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

I do know those frustrating moments when you lose all that you wrote on some electronic devise. It happens to me more often when I try to comment from my Android phone and I want to scream, especially if I spent a lot of time thinking and typing on that tiny keyboard.

My friend's 7 year old granddaughter asked for an old fashion typewriter for Christmas. She said it would be so much better than typing on a computer that loses your words. She did find an early electric one under the Christmas tree and was so excited. Finding erasers or white out tape for correcting mistakes may be more of a challenge than finding the old typewriter for $6.99. It is a delight to watch this little girl enjoy the simplier things in life.

By now your frustration is gone and you are relaxing and thinking pleasant thoughts and wonderful words to share with us tomorrow.

Enjoy a simple, peaceful day with precious Prince. I'll pour the coffee now! ...Sara's Mom

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is wonderful that every day we do get a fresh start! I sure am hoping that this 1st Monday of the New Year is a great one for you!

betty said...

So glad that I came back just in time to have Joan pour the coffee.
I am lazy today and already in the mood for a nap. Let's call it Jet Lag. Love to you, Mary and Prince.
Aloha from HI.....Sara's aunt

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and precious Prince ;):

So glad to wish you all a Happy New Year and to know that you are looking forward to it, Dad! So are we, working hard and enjoying a beautiful day here in So. California. Yes, I know how frustrating it can be when the cybergremlins are loose ;( but I've learned to just ignore them and they go away eventually (usually) ;) I hope this happens with those who are bugging you, too. A prayer wouldn't hurt, either, I suppose.

Sending love and PURRS and best wishes for a good day/evening from Jamaka and fams<3