Tuesday, January 24, 2012


cities  read this world wide  blog 7  days each week. We appreciate all our friends all around this world, and we want to say that we hope that you have a good day, you might enjoy Cam, # 1 today, I am having with it. Dad.

“ And though disappointments  come they to are best for me, to lead me from this changing world and lead me nearer Thee “
These two lines are in one of our hymns that we sing often, what a wonderful thought, from here on out I am going to do my best to accept whatever God sends my way, and accept it with a smile, thinking of the fact that He is working out what is good and best for me, if I try to do that job Oh what a mess it would be. DAD.
I have permission from R.L.Allen & Son, Glasgow Scotland for permission to mention this hymn, it has been a few years since that was done, I am sure that it is still o.k. if not I can remove it.

Don’t you think that it is coffee time, and not just any old coffee, it must be Starbucks Sumatra x bold, and that is what is perking, I can smell it and I am going to see if it is ready, don’t go away, sit where you are I’ll be right back, some of you be getting ready to pour, now see if you can keep from smiling, even Prince is smiling and he doesn't even like coffee.

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Sara said...

Good morning DAD. It is so warm out right now. SO strange.

All of our snow is gone already :( What a strange winter.

My students have exams the rest of the week. I'll have some extra time off, which will be nice. Maybe I'll get around to making a tricky t-day video for next week.

Have a good Tuesday.