Tuesday, January 3, 2012


“ Time is so precious-do not waste any of it by living only for your self, spend some time  “ Living for others.
Good Morning.
Are you in a Happy mood this Tuesday morning, I have so much to be HAPPY for . One of them is that God in his tender mercy has spare my life to see the light of another day.
“ I cannot help but Love Him, because He first loved me.”
Taken from one of our hymns
I know that is is early 2:17 a.m. eastern time, anyway I am in need of some of that Sumatra x bold coffee, it is ready and as always I wish that you could be here with me enjoying it together and talking about all the good things that have come our way. I have several of you, including , Joan and her sister Betty and many, many others that I Don’t have time or space to mention ( you know who you are, write and tell me.) that have enjoyed coffee with me for several years. Dad.

I am sorry I am going to have to finish this later in the day, the problem when I have a page written it goes away, I am becoming a little tired of this, I should have stayed in that warm bed. If I cant get back I will hope to see you Wednesday.

BYE      BYE      DAD


Sara said...

Back to work for me today. It is so luxurious having a week off. Today will be a quiet morning, as the kids readjust to waking up early. Tomorrow, everyone will be back to normal.

Woke up to a dusting of fresh, white, fluffy snow. Really peaceful outside.

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

It is sooooo chilly here this morning that I need some of your hot x-bold coffee and warm words.

It began to cool down last night and we had a perfect winter dinner at a friend's house...Pot Roast, Sauteed Kale, Baked Acorn Squash, and Green Beans. Not typical Florida food but it was delicious.
The house, the food and the conversations were all nice and warm. Dessert was pure Florida, juicy read Plant City Strawberries.

Now that I got you all hungry, I better pour another cup of coffee and give you a biscuit too. Stay warm on this chilly day. I plan to stop by CAM#1 to see if you are at the computer struggling or smiling...I hope it is SMILING.

...Sara's Mom

betty said...

It is cool and the sky is grey with vog. Not the best day for those with asthma, like me. Our grandbaby was baptized last Monday.
The priest anointed her, not only, with olive oil, but also, with rose oil. This wee love smelt so heavenly all day. Enjoy a quiet, peaceful day. Aloha from Hi....Sara's aunt

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet, sunny Prince (the best laptop ever);):

Sorry you are still having disappearing posts, Dad! That is aggravating, I know. Wish I had the answer to solve that problem! It seems every computer has something from time to time. Hopefully the problem (not the posts) will go away soon.

Sending love and PURRS from Jamaka and fams<3