Thursday, January 5, 2012


Good Morning,

A Nice Poem


My Beautiful Wife LaVerne. Oh, how I miss her still. She is holding Greg, our first grand child.

You hear me talk a lot  about “ Living for others”

I learned  that from LaVerne, she truly did this every day. One of our hymns goes like this,

“ Live for others every day.

Be a blessing while you may.

Ever l0ving kind and true.

Jesus like in all you do. “

This hymn was sung at her funeral.

As I write this it brings back so many sweet memories.Dad

To day we go to the wound center to see if I can continue to leave off  the oxygen treatment, it has been about 2 weeks since I have been there, and I feel pretty sure that I will not have to go any more. DAD.

“ The smallest act of kindness is worth more then the grandest of intentions.”

“ He has  achieves  success when he has lived well, laughed often and lived much.”

These two above are from “A Fathers Book of Wisdom “

I don’t  seem to have any plans for today, it  rains so much every day that you don’t  know what to plan.

Tomato season is on its way, I am afraid that it will be here before I am ready  Lots to do and I have scarce begun. But I am  going to have to quit taking so many naps with Prince and go out and get my clothes and hands dirty.

I must be getting older than I thought , I forgot to  start the Sumatra x bold coffee.I will do that right now, in about 15 minutes one of us will serve you, Sit in that rockers over there.

All three  outside cams 1,2,3 are in service and working  good at the present. I am having fun with # 3, when it is working good I can talk to you on it. I cannot see you are know anything, and I can only tell that some is  is there. If you have any problem getting on # 3 write me and I will help you

I must stop and get in the harness, I have not mentioned  my side  panel or any ways of making an extra dollar, if you know how let Dad know right away.

I hope to see in the morning if all is well. while I am gone do remember to, “ Live for others “

BYE      BYE      DAD


Sara said...

Your wife was very beautiful. And I love the song they sang in her honor at the funeral. I'm sure there were many tears.

Enjoy your trip to the oxygen place. I'm sure they will be very happy to see you again.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's good to hear you are doing well. I hope that all goes good with your appointment today.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Good morning Dad, you wife was beautiful. I am sitting here having my cup of coffee. I got a sample in the mail of Seattle's best. It is ok, a bit strong. Did you know that some really expensive coffee in the world has been processed thru a journey in a civet like animal. They eat the cherries and the pit comes out in the end and those are used to make the coffee! Here is a link to it.

We are just getting into winter up here in NY. Very cold and a dusting of snow overnight. The birds are busy at the feeders. I have a link to my feeder cam on my webpage and I will post it here too if you want to share with your readers. Linda in upstate NY

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

I agree with you, Journey on a Train is "good"... a good poem with good advise. You and LaVerne met and sat next to each other and were pleasant travellers through life. She was a beautiful kind person.

As you were reading the poem I couldn't help noticing the rocking chair. We had the same one and I spent many hours rocking Sara and her sister. It was both comfortable and comforting. I past it on to a niece when she had her first child so it continues to comfort. Somedays I miss that old rocker.

I can hear smiling voices as you arrive at the HBOT center. I see hugs being given too! Sounds like you are expecting to hear good news as well... that 97 year old foot is ready for digging in the dirt come spring.

Enjoy a cup of coffee and a nap with Prince when you get back from all the excitement! ...Sara's Mom

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince:

A nice poem, a nice video, and a beautiful photo, Dad. Isn't it wonderful that we have our photos of our beloved ones to "visit" while we are apart from them for awhile? I know they mean a lot to me, too.

Hope your appointment went well and that you have a clean bill of health from the HBOT Center. Don't you miss them all, though? ;)

If you are tired of the rain, you could send some over our way, here in S. California, where we could use some. I'd be glad to send you some sunny 80's weather. ;)

Sending love and PURRS to you all from Jamaka and fams <3

betty said...

I, too, think that your poem of the day is lovely. You and LaVerne have had a wonderful journey. Spriritually, she continues to inspire you and keep you living for others. You can look at your treasured photos and smile and be thankful for the love that you share. I hope there was happy news from the HBOT Center. I know they were happy to be with you today.
I am already dreaming of Fried Green Tomatoes. Must be those magazine photos you showed us.
Aloha from HI......Sara's aunt