Sunday, January 15, 2012


“ Be true t9day let not tomorrow, fill thy spirit with alarm, we only have today, God in His tender mercy has hid the future from our view. He knows that is more than we can bear. What a Wonderful Father we have.

Good morning

Just want to say Hi, and hope that y0u have a good day, Mary and I will be in our meeting this morning then lunch at home.

I want to tell you that all 3 Cams. are w0rking this morning in their regula spots 1,2 and 3.

Pamala has been here



Joan said...

Good Afternoon DAD...

I hope you had a nice lunch after your Sunday meeting. It is a cool but sunny day here and I am ready to go out for a walk along the Arts and Craft Festival streets. The sunshine has brought lots of people to the festival and it is nice to see so many smiling faces and lots of dogs, large and small, proudly walking with their owners. It is so odd to see little dogs sitting in a stroller being pushed liked a baby. They have on sweaters or wear bows in their hair and people stop and ooh and aah. Dunedin is known for being a dog friendly town...must be why even the dogs look like they are smiling.

Enjoy your peaceful Sunday afternoon. I did visit you at CAM #1 but I think you may have dozed off in your chair....dreaming of tomatoes! ...Sara's Mom

betty said...

Good morning, DAD,
WOW, I just checked CAM #1. Look at the time! Of course, all is peaceful and quiet, but not for long. You will soon be up and getting the Morning Brew ready for us all. Happy Monday! Aloha from HI.....Sara's aunt