Monday, January 9, 2012


We are beginning a new week with a clean sheet, give it the best that you have keep it clean. Dad

Good  Morning
I hope that you are in a happy mood this morning, we do need to get of to a good start, and we know what that is. “ Begin the day with God, kneel down to him in prayer “
Thanks to R.L. Allan & son. This is a line in one of our hymns.
We had a wonderful day yesterday our meeting was so helpful, I heard a lot of things that I am going to give my best to do. And then to make the day perfect Benna and Sara had a home cooked meal in Dads kitchen with us. I do not enjoy eating out anymore, I think that Mary can beat the best of them , stop in someday and let me prove it to you. Dad
And I have found some one else who likes Sumatra x bold coffee, Sara, she loves it, a smart girl. And we had plenty of it, and you would have enjoyed the conversation that went on around the table for a good while.

We have not made any plans for today, hardly know what to do. it is little to wet to break the ground at the tomato garden spot, so I think that patience is the best things to have, we don’t need to worry, the time  will come.
The side panel is going to have to help me out this morning. You will find a few things there for sale, such as books and advertising space at a  good price. write Dad at  and let him surprise you. 

We are having  a little trouble with Cam # !, we hope to have it back in service very soon. DAD

I did talk to the one who is writing my book, it will be ready soon, watch for it.


I have enjoyed my visit this morning, but I must go. I will be around close so you may see me during the day
" Live for others "

Bye      BYE      DAD


Joan said...

Good Morning DAD..

What a lovely Sunday you had! I am so happy that you are once again healthy enough to enjoy the Sunday meetings and friendships. And I agree, Mary's homecooked food, served around a familiar table, with pleasant sounds, and no rushing is always better than being in a restaurant.

We spent the afternoon at the beach. Though we were alone we enjoyed the delightful family of 5 who were taking advantage of the calm waters on St. Joseph's Bay to teach their 3 young children how to paddle as they stood on a paddle board. It was a calm, beautiful, restful sight. Some of the time the Mother would be standing on the long board paddling and the smaller children would be sitting on the board, one in front and one behind her. And, some of the time the children would be paddling with their Dad by their side. It made me think of Hawaii.

Now we know your surprise venture is a book by you (and maybe about you?). May I buy one of the first copies, autographed of course?

After my coffee, a friend and I are going for a quiet walk along the waterfront. Hoping you have a quiet relaxing day with Mary and Prince. ....Sara's Mom

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet, warm Prince:

With your wealth of family traditions, I am sure Ms. Mary could put any restaurant to shame, Dad! It's true -- eating at home is so much better, saves money and time and travel expenses, and is so much more comfortable! I rarely go out to eat any more, either -- it's too expensive.

It sounds like a good day to take a few naps with Prince and maybe watch the birds and other visitors to your Wildlife Habitat ;) Hope you're able to get your webcam fixed soon. Wish I could see them!

Sending love and PURRS from Jamaka and fams <3

betty said...

Sorry to be checking in so late. I am sure the coffee pot is washed and put away on the shelf waiting for the new day. It is always refreshing to visit with friends. I am sure Benna and Sara left your home feeling just so. I know that I feel that way when I leave your blog. You have good energy and good thoughts and care so much for all of us. I think you will be dreaming tomatoes tonight. Tomatoes with smiles. Aloha from HI.......Sara's aunt